Depression SliderNew Insights, LLC provides unique individualized treatment plans adapted to meet your personal goals. Through a scholar-practitioner approach to therapy, our clinicians operate from empirically informed treatment modalities, including Contemporary Relational Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Our integrative and contemporary approach allows for flexibility in the moment should new stressors or crises arise while maintaining a focus on the overall treatment plan. Our clinicians are clinically trained, doctoral level professionals who have experience and expertise in mood disorders, trauma related disorders, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, family dynamics, and relationship concerns, as well as relationships and connections to many specialized professionals throughout the Greater Milwaukee Area in the case referrals or recommendations are appropriate.

 “Working Through It” vs “Getting Over It”

survivorOur expertise lies in developing a collaborative, therapeutic relationship with you and establishing goals together.  Our clinicians operate from a place of non-judgement, and do not believe that there is anything “wrong” with you as a person. There is an understanding that each of us encounter obstacles in our lives in which the world expects you to “get over it and move on.”  Our belief is that if it was so easy to “get over it,” in all likelihood you would have already. Life’s obstacles and circumstances are difficult, and each of us were not always “dealt the best hand” to tackle what comes at us. At New Insights, LLC, our clinicians understand that it is not about “getting over it.” Rather it is our expertise to support, understand, and hold you accountable while we work through it together in the context of a therapy relationship.

First Time to Therapy

Our clinicians also specialize in providing therapy to those who never experienced therapy before. Often times, recognizing that we might need help and then seeking support from a professional takes a tremendous amount of courage.  Our clinicians recognize this, and strive to make the initial process and seamless and easy as possible.  We offer complimentary phone consultations in which you will speak directly to a clinician, often times, the clinician you will likely be working with.  Our therapists are compassionate and understanding and recognize that seeking therapy for the first time can be scary, even though it does not have to be.

Commitment to Providing Quality, Affordable Access to Mental Health Care

New Insights, LLC is committed to providing access to affordable and quality mental healthcare, maintaining session fees well below market rates (Average Milwaukee County for Doctoral Level Clinician: $175-$190/ 50 minute session).  New Insights has partnered with Open Path Psychotherapy Collective to provide affordable access to a limited number of low fee psychotherapy options ($30-$50/session).  Please visit the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective website to check current availability and to take advantage of this service.