Our clinicians are clinically trained, doctoral level professionals who have experience and expertise in mood disorders, trauma related disorders, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, family dynamics, and relationship concerns.

Our Approach: “Working Through It” vs “Getting Over It”

Our expertise lies in developing a collaborative, therapeutic relationship with you and establishing goals together.  Our clinicians operate from a place of non-judgement, and do not believe that there is anything “wrong” with you as a person. There is an understanding that each of us encounter obstacles in our lives in which the world expects you to “get over it and move on.”  Our belief is that if it was so easy to “get over it,” in all likelihood you would have already. Life’s obstacles and circumstances are difficult, and each of us were not always “dealt the best hand” to tackle what comes at us. At New Insights, LLC, our clinicians understand that it is not about “getting over it.” Rather it is our expertise to support, understand, and hold you accountable while we work through it together in the context of a therapy relationship.