1. How do I become a new client?

You can become a client in several ways. You can request a free initial phone consultation with a New Insights clinician by completing the secure form by clicking the following link:


You can also simply call or email New Insights directly to schedule an initial appointment.

2. Why don’t you accept insurance?

New Insights has chosen not to bill insurance companies directly for your sessions for a number of reasons. First, when using insurance, confidentiality is often not as secure as one might think. In order for your insurance to pay, New Insights clinicians must communicate certain information to the company about you and your treatment. This includes your diagnosis, which can then stay in your file, potentially impacting your future insurance coverage. Furthermore, most insurance panels require that a diagnosis be made for treatment to occur. While some people do qualify for specific diagnoses, others do not. This does not mean that these individuals cannot benefit from counseling. Finally, the clinicians at New Insights believe that you and your clinicians are the experts on what treatment plan will be best for you. We do not believe it is in your best interest to be restricted to a treatment plan determined by an insurance company.

3. How can I afford counseling or therapy without using my insurance?

New Insights definitely understands the financial realities of seeking mental health services. New Insights is happy to provide an invoice that you can submit to your insurance company. New Insights is committed to providing access to affordable, quality mental health services to the Milwaukee community.  As such, New Insights keeps several sliding scale and reduced fee spots set aside for those individuals who cannot pay the full fee. These slots are limited in number and duration (qualification for a sliding scale spot is re-evaluated every 2 months).

4. Where is your office located?

The New Insights office is conveniently located at 1845 North Farwell Avenue, Suite 104 in Milwaukee, WI 53202.  This is in the East Side Office Plaza (next door to Pizza Shuttle).  There is free 2-hour street parking and 2-hour metered spots as well.