What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a highly effective treatment option for many psychological challenges. It is particularly helpful when interpersonal relationships are connected with your treatment issues. Because we are social creatures, interpersonal issues often play direct or indirect roles in our psychological well-being.  Typically in group therapy, six to eight clients meet with one to two therapists weekly for 75-90 minutes to discuss interpersonal issues and to exchange feedback and support.

Why Group Therapy Works

In group therapy, you are encouraged to be yourself and interact freely with other members. This leads you and other members to recreate the same behavioral and relational patterns that are also present outside of therapy. Such patterns have developed, probably for good reasons, at some point in your life, but they may no longer be as functional in your current environment. With an atmosphere of support and acceptance, group allows you to reevaluate and adjust your interpersonal styles, such as communication and emotional expressions. In addition, relationships you develop with other members help you increase your self acceptance and sense of belonging because you often realize others have similar problems as yours. Simply caring for other members, and being cared for by them, is healing.

What you do in Group

Each individual is unique and will participate differently in group. Comfort levels and amount of talking, for example, will vary among members. Active participation is encouraged because that will help you get the most out of group therapy. Of course, difficulty with such participation may be the very reason why you come to the group. You are only expected to do your best, and it is up to you to decide how much and when to share. Listed below are typical ways of participating in the group:

  • Offer support
  • Ask questions of other members
  • Share your thoughts and feelings in response to other members’ participation
  • Offer feedback
  • Ask for feedback
  • Be open with your feelings in the “here- and-now” (e.g., express your feelings to- ward other members)
  • Share impressions of one another
  • Share things that are bothering you

Current Group Offerings

Adult (23+) Emotional Intimacy: Understanding yourself and others – Starting March 2018  **6 spots remaining**

Ever wonder what authentic, deep, emotional connection is really about? Perhaps you struggle with fully feeling connected with others despite craving this depth in all of your relationships. This insight-oriented group will provide members with a safe environment for interpersonal learning. Members will have an opportunity to explore thoughts and emotions that get elicited in all types of relationships, understand relationship patterns (especially in the areas of trust, intimacy, anger, and assertiveness), receive feedback from other members, and explore the process of interpersonal connection in order to be truly present and seen in the safety of a group.

The group will meet weekly and is specifically designed for adults (24+) throughout the Greater Milwaukee Area.

How do you love? – Starting February 2018 This semi-structured group will provide group members with a safe place to learn and explore healthy styles for engaging and exploring romantic relationships and connection. This group is ideally geared towards those who are considering opening themselves up for the possibility of a romantic relationship though often struggle with trust, intimacy, commitment, and have historically “lost themselves” in relationships.

For more information or to schedule an pre-group screening, please contact us.