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Fall Stress Management Series

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Lunch and Learn Programs (Brown Bag)

BHN: The “Be Here Now” Philosophy

If you can’t remember what you did today, were you really there? So often the day ends and we don’t feel like we experienced it. With this program, participants will engage in experiential exercises of Mindfulness: the experience of the present moment and how it applies to both the workplace environment and their everyday life. Largely experiential. Food may not be offered as part of this program.

Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment

Acceptance is often one of the most difficult things to do. However, with acceptance, flexibility and space can be created in situations that seem as if you are left without a choice. This program introduces participants to the principles of acceptance as a means to allow things to simply “come and go” and making commitments to fulfill personal goals in a responsible manner.

Living a Values Based Life with Acceptance and Commitment

Participants are encouraged to begin with Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment. “I’m just not satisfied. I’ve lost that spark with what I’m doing.” This program works with program participants to begin taking action consistent with their personal values. Participants will be encouraged to complete pre-program materials to get the most out of the program. Principles of Acceptance and Commitment will be briefly reviewed.

Mindfulness at Work – Literally, at work.

This didactic program introduces the background, principles and philosophy of mindfulness. Various clinical research studies will be presented highlighting the effectiveness of mindfulness both in the workplace and in personal practice. Program participants will have the option to engage in a direct Q&A about how mindfulness principles might be applied to their own programs, services, and employees. This program is directed towards senior leadership prior to scheduling the “BHN: The ‘Be Here Now’ Philosophy.”

Principles of Time Management

Is the day getting away from you? Easily distracted and then overwhelmed at the end of the day? This program addresses many common workplace and personal pitfalls in “losing time.” Principles of effective time management will be taught and discussed. Participants will have the opportunity to share examples and apply the principles to their personal situations with other program participants.

You Can’t Hear me Because You are STILL Talking

With this program, participants will be exposed to the principles of effective communication within their interpersonal relationships. Active listening skills, assertiveness, saying no, and compromising are just a few of the topics that will be addressed. Participants will have the opportunity to share hypothetical examples of how to work through difficult communication situations.

Stress Management Series

(offered as a 3 part series – 60 – 90* minutes each) *Recommended

Introduction to Stress Management

This workshop will provide participants with an overview of how stress impacts their life, both in the workplace and in personal relationships. Fundamentals of stress management techniques will be reviewed. Attendees will be encouraged to engage in experiential exercises to practice stress management techniques that can be integrated in their daily practice.

Before Stress: Prevention Techniques

This workshop focuses on the fundamentals of stress prevention. Attendees will learn the essentials of time management, “saying no,” procrastination reduction techniques, and concepts of a work-life balance. Daily stress management techniques will also be reviewed and introduced.

Managing Stress in Relationships

This workshop focuses on stress that occurs in various relationships. Experiences of co-worker dynamics, romantic partner relationships, and stressful friendships will be the focus of this workshop with skills of interpersonal effectiveness, communication styles, and emotional self-awareness being introduced.

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