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Billing and Fees

At New Insights, we understand the hassle of trying to navigate the healthcare system, managed care, and finding a treatment option that is both accessible and affordable. We believe in a "mental health" for all model which is why we have paneled our providers with three of the most common commercial insurance companies in the region and nationwide who also provide fair reimbursement for skilled clinical service delivery. 

We also believe in pricing transparency. The table below shows the list of rates for "fee for service." This is what it would cost if you were to pursue clinical services using a self-pay model. 

Why Self-Pay

When a claim is filed with the insurance company your therapist must submit a diagnosis for that visit. This information may become part of your medical record and be accessed by other medical providers. Some individuals prefer to keep diagnostic information confidential. By paying a self-pay rate, no diagnosis is submitted to insurance or accessible by other medical providers without a signed release


At New Insights, we know that a diagnosis is not a bad thing. A diagnosis is a cluster of symptoms, an imperfect tool, and a way for medical professionals to communicate to ensure clients receive the best care.  We know it is absolutely not an individuals identity though it can be stigmatizing if used improperly.

More Freedom
When filing with insurance companies, you’re always aware of the limits of what you can provide (and expect to get paid for). Insurance companies dictate almost everything about treatment: the location of a session, the length of sessions, how many people are in a session, and whether they will pay depends on your diagnosis.

Self pay affords your therapist the following freedoms:

  • Location. For example, You can have phone/video sessions when necessary without concern of insurance denial.

  • Time. Therapists are not bound to the same time constraints as those who file with insurance and can spend more time than the standard 53 minutes.

  • Parents, spouses and significant others can join sessions as needed without concern for insurance denial.

  • They do not have to diagnose you. If they do they do they are able to keep it completely confidential.

  • They can utilize the type of treatment they think is best without restriction.

  • They can see you for as many sessions as you need. Not the number determined by insurance companies.

Cost per Session
Time Duration
Initial Individual Intake Assessment
60 minutes
Individual Psychotherapy Session
60 minutes
Group Psychotherapy
75 - 90 minutes
Couples Therapy (Initial Assessment)
90 minutes
Couples Therapy Session
60 minutes

The rates above are considered self-pay rates. This option provides you with the most control of your therapy including frequency, avoiding session limits set by insurance companies, and protects your privacy in preventing a mental health diagnosis or records from being released to your insurance company.

"In Network"

New Insights LLC is "In-Network" with the following commercial insurance companies:

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield 

WEA Trust 


It is the responsibility of the individual client to be aware of their insurance benefits and coverage including but not limited to co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles.

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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

KAP Service
KAP 6 session package*(includes assessment, 6 monitoring sessions, 6 integration sessions)
KAP Integration Session* (75 minutes)
KAP Session Monitoring* (60 minutes)
Initial Assessment

* - Sessions may not be reimbursable by insurance. Costs do not include the cost of medical evaluation done by partner company Skylight Psychedelics or the cost of medication provided by the partner pharmacy. New Insights LLC does not handle, administer, or dispense medication of any kind.

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