New Insights, LLC is dedicated to assisting adolescents, college students, and adults who have been impacted by life’s emotional struggles and other behavioral health concerns.  As clinicians and professionals engaged in the field, what we have seen is the need for a collaborative approach to health and wellness, and that no single health care provider can address every need of every individual.  We aim to work collaboratively with you and those with whom you have trusted* other aspects of your health, be it a family doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, or school counselor, should you deem it helpful to our therapeutic relationship and your overall wellness.

*All  health information is confidential and cannot be disclosed unless a client provides expressed written authorization to do so, or in the event that an individual may be at risk to themselves, a risk to others, or in the event of the possibility of child or elderly abuse or neglect, as stated by Wisconsin State Statute.  Please see the section on Confidentiality here.


Our clinicians are clinically trained professionals who have experience and expertise in mood disorders, trauma related disorders, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, family dynamics, and relationship concerns, as well as relationships and connections to many specialized professionals throughout the Greater Milwaukee Area in the case referrals or recommendations are appropriate.

Starting Therapy can be Scary

Starting a new relationship can be nerve-racking and scary. Picking up the phone and making an initial phone call can be daunting.  At New Insights, we find that it’s important to acknowledge this.  Many who are seeking therapy for the first time often have so questions: “What the process is like? What do I have to talk about? Do I really have to lay down on a couch?  How does this work? Will I like the therapist that I meet with?”

These questions are inevitable, which is why we try to share as much information with you as possible up front both here on the website and by providing a free initial phone consultation.  During this time, you will be speaking directly to a clinician and are able to have your initial questions answered.  New Insights is a small practice that offers low volume, specialized treatment with a relational focus – we care about you, the individual, not a diagnosis, and want to work collaboratively with you to get the support that you need – even if it’s not with us.

Meet Our Clinicians

David A. Songco, Psy.D.

David A. Songco, Psy.D.